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this is what everybody wanted him for. Its a shame.

This is the earliest recordings where Jimmy Hendrix
was the featured artist. These recordings are so old that
 Jimi still spelled his name Jimmy.
 The tape was recorded in NYC in 1966 at R.S.V.P. Records.
 Jerry Simon, was the president of R.S.V.P in the same year:
Hendrix was hired as the guitarist at the recording
 studio for Curtis Knight and the Squires. During the session
Jerry Simon asked Hendrix if he could record some tracks
 of which Hendrix would be the featured artist.
This tape never made it to disc.
backed up by Marion Booker on drums,
 Napoleon Anderson on bass and
 Nate Edmonds on organ.
"Station Break" , "I Am a Fool for You Baby",
"Kato's Special" also known as "Hornet's Nest",
 "No Such Animal Part 1", "No Such Animal Part 2" & "U.F.O.".